Rich Leicester - Ceramic Artist

Rich Leicester was born in Gloucester in 1980, lived in Wales whilst at University for three years, spent some time in London and is currently living in Stroud, UK. He began his artistic studies at Stroud College in 2009. In 2011 he spent a week exploring Ceramics and Glass in London at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. At most other times he can be found in front of a computer.

Rich entered the ceramics world not knowing what to expect but with a firm desire to be honest in his work, to allow his subconscious to flow and to lose some of the distractions of modern living, albeit temporarily. Initially he had envisaged ceramics to be centred around the potter's wheel and had seen the idea of religiously working at one single skill, perfecting its art, to be a rewarding activity. It wasn't until he was shown the world of sculpture, hand building and surface decoration that has led to finding himself working on the wheel only a modicum of times.

Ceramics is one of a few outlets for Rich's creative side, along with playing music in various forms and a small amount of photography. He has a penchant for collecting, a sizeable array of vintage games consoles, a small fascination with limited edition designer toys and robots and an ever increasing lack of space.

This website displays a selection of Rich's work from across the few years he has been producing ceramics, most of which are available to purchase.